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Parker Landscaping 

Our Work Speaks for Itself

There’s nothing more important than your landscape, so we tackle every project like it is our own. This commitment to landscape excellence has resulted in a list of very satisfied clients. We’d love to add your name to it.

Our highly skilled landscapers will make the installation process smooth and hassle-free.

​Sod Installation

Proper installation is vital to the healthy growth and development of your new lawn.  We take several steps in preparing and installing your sod to ensure its longevity and appearance.

Steps include spraying existing turf area to ensure all old grasses and weeds are killed prior to sod installation.  Next, we perform any necessary grading to ensure proper water drainage.  Tilling and hand raking of the entire lawn are then performed, which will level any low spots and provide a smooth surface to lay the sod.  Once these steps are complete, the sod is laid.  Finally, the new sod is rolled to remove any air pockets.

Landscape Installation
Whether your landscape needs a complete makeover or just a few trees and shrubs, we will design and install a beautiful solution that is both functional and unique for each client.

Seasonal Enhancements
A great way to enhance the overall appearance of your lawn is by adding eye-catching seasonal flowers in the Spring and Fall.  Laying ground cover such as mulch, pine straw, and rocks are also key to making your lawn stand out.  There are vast array of options when determining which enhancements will best suit your landscape.